Prison: Arrest of rogue prison official triggers off riot at Bauchi prison

Prison: Arrest of rogue prison official triggers off riot at Bauchi prison

By Ahmed Kaigama

The riot at Bauchi prison on Friday was triggered off by the arrest of a rogue prison official involved in trafficking of drugs, handsets and other prohibited items to inmates.

Mr Abubakar Adamu, the spokesperson for the Centre told the News Agency of Nigeria that the officer was arrested when the lid was blown on his illegal activities.

But the inmates got wind of the arrest of their ‘benefactor’ began to plan to plan protest by breaking into the store of Centre to steal  shovels, daggers and diggers which they subsequently used in the attempted jail break.

He said, “There was a riot that broke out as a result of a prison officer trafficking handsets, drugs and other related items, to inmates inside the centre.

“Unfortunately for the officer, intelligence caught him and in the process of investigation, the inmates got wind of the incident and broke into the store and catered away shovels, daggers and diggers.

“The inmates, who were chanting songs and slogans, broke some items inside the prison which forced the prison officials to start shooting in the air to scare them. In the melee, five inmates and two officials were injured,” he said.

Adamu said that the situation had been put under control, while the inmates had returned to their rooms.

He added that the general public should go about their normal business as calm had returned to the centre.

Security had been beefed up, with vehicular and traffic movement around the area restricted and the roads leading to the correctional centre barricaded.