Feeding off Davido's energy helped my career – Peruzzi - P.M. News

Feeding off Davido's energy helped my career – Peruzzi

Davido Peruzzi

Peruzzi (left), Davido (right)

Peruzzi (left), Davido (right)

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, popularly known as Peruzzi said Davido’s energy and influence helped boost his music career.

In a sit-down interview on the latest episode of #WithChude, Peruzzi opened up about how he was able to give his new single the publicity it needed despite the shocking news of his mother’s death.

He also spoke about his unexpected 2Baba and Larry Gaaga collaboration, and how Davido helped his understanding of the music business.

Amid mourning his beloved mother who had died just two days after the release of his hit single, ‘For Your Pocket’, Peruzzi explained to Chude that having his team handle the song’s publicity afforded him the time he needed to grieve.

”I had just dropped ‘For Your Pocket’, and then my mum died two days after. I had to take my time to cry but at the same time try to hide from my guys because we were already tweeting about the release of the new song, and I did not want them to stop.

”After a while, I had to tell them to allow me when it’s time to cry, and I would not disturb them, but whatever they did, they should not stop tweeting about it. I would go into the shower and cry, allow the water to wash away the pain, but once I was out, it was back to work. It was at that time that Davido posted my song on Snapchat, and that gave my career the boost it needed”.

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The musician went on to tell the story of how he got featured in the song that shook the Nigerian music industry in 2018.

“Gaaga called me one morning, [saying] that we should vibe in the studio and that 2Baba was going to be there as well, and I said okay. I had already planned everything I would tell 2Baba because I had not met him before that time. When I got there, everything I planned on telling him was what he was telling me. He was bowing his head to me, and I was confused.

”All I just kept saying, don’t do this to me; you are 2Baba. What he did that day, I will never forget. We released the video, and it scattered Nigeria. Amaka gave me that older and more mature-minded audience. It was a song everyone could relate to, and it skyrocketed my career.”

Peruzzi also disclosed that his music business acumen could be credited to the award-winning musician, Davido.

“When I met David, the only thing I knew was how to write songs. I didn’t know any other thing but now, I know the music business. I used to be a very shy person and David used to tell me, ‘when I’m walking, don’t be at the back, walk beside me.’ I lived with him for 2 years and was collecting the energy every morning and that made me realise that this is where you’re supposed to be no matter how long it took you, you’re finally where you’re supposed to be”.