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Meet Vince Offer, Founder of Square One Entertainment

Vince Offer

Vince Offer, Founder of Square One Entertainment

Vince Offer: Founder of Square One Entertainment

As the founder of Square One Entertainment, Inc. (SOE), a production and distribution company that handles infomercials and skits, Vince Offer has many things on his plate.

“I have a lot of hats because I do almost everything myself, but I find product, write a script for the product, launch the product on TV networks, make it a household name and then distribute it to our sub-distributors who then bring them to retail stores,” he says.

But what primarily drives Mr. Offer is the prospect of working on these ideas and developing them into profitable ventures.

“I really like to focus on products and ideas and help develop that,” he says. “Because everyone has an idea, and a concept or maybe a prototype. If I can take a rag like the Shamwow and make it a multi-million dollar brand then I’m sure I can take that with a real inventor or business person with a prototype.”

The confidence that he can make a success of anything comes from his youth where love for comedy and their intersection with being used as a tool for passing information led to him dropping out of school and moving to Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, he made a success of himself by first transitioning from working at a free-for-all TV station to writing skits for a show that starred Jim Carrey. But the real breakthrough came when he started working on his own full-length ideas, resulting in two skit movies called The Underground Comedy Movie, and then another sequel to that called Inappropriate Comedy.

From there, Mr. Offer has moved on to bigger things like the aforementioned production company he set up as well as made infomercials that have helped to make over $100 million in cumulative sales. To hear him tell it, he is only getting started.

“I am working on 2 TV shows with some very top producers and executives in Hollywood,” he says about what the future holds for him.

“One is a TV talk show about Political Correctness, and the other is a reality show about product.”