The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) sets May 5 as National Bible Day.

The Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN) said it has set May 5 as National Day for the celebration of the Bible.

The General Secretary/CEO of BSN, Dr Dare Ajiboye, stated this at a news conference on Thursday in Lagos.

Ajiboye said that setting a day for the celebration of the Bible had become imperative in order to encourage people to reflect on and imbibe the values prescribed in the Holy Book.

According to him, it is clear from the scriptures that celebration is a spiritual discipline that God desires for people to practise.

“It is good and proper to have special times to celebrate God’s word, to create awareness and enjoin every Nigerian to participate in this worthy event,” Ajiboye said.

The CEO said that it was the view of the management of BSN that adopting the values prescribed in the Bible by Nigerians could help to solve the country’s challenges.

He called on Nigerians to seek God and return to Him, adding that He is a dependable friend in times of insecurity and economic challenges.

BSN had the mandate of making God’s word available to all Nigerian in their local languages.

So far, the society has translated the Bible into 26 Nigerian languages, while translation/revision is ongoing in 10 other languages.

It has cost BSN N72 million to complete translation projects in 12 years.