Gemtracks Beats

Gemtracks Beats

The dream of many Nigerian music artists and producers, is to work with international stars from abroad, including America and Canada.

Now this dream has a closer step of becoming a reality thanks to the release of Gemtracks Beats in Nigeria.

For many Nigerians, working as freelancers online has proven to be an effective and safe way to earn a living.

While most of the jobs available relate to virtual assistant, writing or computer programming, the introduction of Gemtracks Beats may also introduce entertainment jobs to the population as well.

Founded in 2017 by DJ Jesse Neo, an Australian-American music producer, the platform began as an online store for selling his own personal instrumental beats.

However, as traffic increased and the potential for explanation became apparent, it was converted into a public marketplace to allow anyone to sell their own beats.

The current catalogue includes everything from reggaeton beats to trap beats.

Around 3,000 users visit the website each day, the majority of the buyers Americans.

For Nigerians to freelance on the website could easily be their path to getting their names out there.

In a recent article published on Business Insider, it stated that the website would benefit Africans the most.

“Being a music producer and DJ has allowed me to travel to many countries,” Jesse said.

“However the country that has impressed me the most is Nigeria. There is a lot of unknown but talented musicians in this country, and it is a pity that they can’t get any bigger. If they could be heard by the American public, there is no doubt they would turn into international superstars. Hence, this is why I have decided to allow Nigerians to join Gemtracks Beats.”

Besides selling beats, freelancers are also able to create their own custom services. This could range from music mixing to writing lyrics.

Best of all, prices and terms are set by them. This makes it possible for the freelancer to see their names in the credit section of the song when a song is released.

All it takes is one collaboration with a major artist for the freelancer to become a success.