Smart Emmanuel

Tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Cacophony Solutions, Smart Emmanuel said his company raised successful salespeople by training them how to convert NO to YES and achieve seemingly impossible targets.

Emmanuel stated this in an interview with PM News.

He said he also led the company to research low capital and profitable business ideas that the average African can start by training entrepreneurs.

In his words, “As CEO of Cacophony, I led the company to research low capital and profitable business ideas that the average African can start. We trained over 1000 entrepreneurs using data from our research work in 2011.

“We used TV, radio, and print to reach close to 15,000 listeners in Lagos and Akure on City FM, Adaba FM, OSRC, MITV, and Star FM,” he said.

From Cacophony, Smart worked in the oil and gas industry and various confectionery businesses before returning to his true passion: sales.

In 2017, he set up a sales growth company, The Stralution Company Limited, to help entrepreneurs, business leaders, salespeople, and students to achieve consistent sales growth in their businesses.

As it is, his goal is to help raise the next generation of successful salespersons. “We have mastered how to raise successful salespeople and how to help them convert NO to YES and achieve seemingly impossible sales targets.

“We use cutting-edge technology to gather data because we understand that the future of sales is accurate data. The more you know about the customer, market, competitor, and product, the more likely you will grow your sales consistently. There can be no consistency in sales without strong sales systems, real value, and accurate data,” he added.

Speaking about his journey into entrepreneurship, Emmanuel said he was so sure that he was going to set up businesses.

“I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur,” he says“ As a young boy, I would wear my dad’s suit and act mini-dramas as a business owner with my siblings. During my holiday classes, I made an artwork of Batman and sold it along with two of my friends. We sold off all 50 paintings on the same day. We had to make duplicates due to high demand. This was my first business venture. We made a fair profit from this. It was also the experience of my first sale.”

That experience played a part in helping the graduate of Entrepreneurship and Business Management define his career path because, at the age of 18, he set up his own business.

“I started my 13-year sales growth strategy career in 2008 with Cacophony Solutions. A firm I co-founded with my friend, Solomon Oni.