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Meet Chris Kubby: Social Media Influencer and Talent Manager

Chris Kubby

Chris Kubby

Chris Kubby

Social Media Influencer and Talent manager, Chris Kubby has narrated how he was drawn to the marketing and advertising world with a creative mind and entrepreneurial spirit in his youth.

Chris who sets himself apart from other social media agencies because he is the real deal, said while other agencies know how to talk the talk, he will walk the walk as a digital marketing leader.

Before Chris entered his teenage years, he had already found a love for advertising. From a young age, he was interested in watching commercials and reading ads in magazines. He loved coming up with new business and marketing ideas.

At age 12, he even asked his parents to buy him a book on the subject. This led to him landing an internship at an advertising agency when he was 14 years old. By age 18, he started his own short-lived marketing services company before he decided to go to college.

Eventually, Chris moved from his home in Canada to Denmark, where he joined an agency in Copenhagen.

While working with brands and agencies, Chris noticed a pitfall in the industry. Brands were not getting the services they needed when it came to digital marketing. He saw the opportunity for service on social media and thought he could do better.

Chris had a hard time deciding to start his own agency because he kept waiting for the perfect moment. But there is no perfect moment. So, he finally stepped out in faith with no savings, a mortgage, a wife, and two kids. He built everything from scratch—no investors, no trust fund. Just hard work and ingenuity. He was persistent and discovered he needed a high threshold for pain.

When branding yourself, Chris discovered you get kicked around a lot. If you don’t have drive, ambition, and a willingness to do it again, and again, and again you will fail. But he understands that success is a moving target. It means incremental improvement every single day.

As a Social Media Influencer, Chris’s advice is to start with what you know. Starting in an industry with no knowledge and no way of networking is a recipe for disaster. He also says you have to know your purpose.

Earning an income is a byproduct of doing business, but the desire for money won’t sustain you. When things go bad, and the cash flow slows down, your purpose needs to be something that resonates with your clients. That’s what keeps you moving forward without being crippled by fear. Many people don’t realize that fear can be a friend, rather than a foe. It teaches you how to navigate your life if you use it as an instinct and tool for growth.

As a part of his personal growth, Chris learned there were obstacles he had to overcome. When his Advertising agency grew to over 30 people, he had to learn to trust others with pieces of what he built.

Chris has seen great success in Denmark and now has his sights set on the United States and the UK.