Muyideen Bello to Muslims: Use Ramadan to get closer to God

Muyideen Bello

Sheikh Muyideen Bello advises muslims

 Sheikh Muyideen Bello advises muslims
Sheikh Muyideen Bello advises muslims

Islamic cleric Sheikh Muyideen Bello, has called on Muslims to use the Ramadan to get closer to God, so that their prayers could get fulfilment.

He told Islamic faithful to be positive towards all activities and believe that good things would come.

The cleric gave the advice on Saturday at the Annual Ramadan Lecture of Alhaja Idayat Bola-Muse, the Chief Executive Officer of the Bomarah Group of Companies, held in Lagos.

“Allah said nothing is wrong with the situation, but people are responsible for the negative situations we are in right now.

“Everyone should be reminded that when we came to this world, we were naked, but Allah (God) enriched us as He wishes with money, successful children, shelter and richness.

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“Allah said that if anyone refuses to appreciate Him for His kindness that He will not do more for such person.

“Everyone should be reminded at all times that we were created from sand and we shall all return to sand,” he said.

The Sheikh said that Quran 102 verses 1 to 8 says that mankind will be pursuing life till we all enter our graves.

Sheikh Muyideen also asked Muslims to eschew any kind of sin that could keep them away from God in the holy month.