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70% of our sales are via Instagram – Beunique CEO, Nseobong Akpan

Nseobong Akpan

Nseobong Akpan

Nseobong Akpan
Nseobong Akpan

Since the advent of social media, the way humans live, work and network has never been the same.

Many entrepreneurs, celebrities and great women and men who ordinarily wouldn’t have amounted to much in the old narrative have evolved, changing and touching lives and redefining the business landscape.

One of such people is Nseobong Akpan, the brain behind the Beunique clothing brand operating in the upscale section of Lagos in Lekki.

Of course, Nseobong Akpan had the passion and drive to succeed and she knew fashion would be her calling card to fame. She had always loved buying clothes and lots of her friends kept complimenting her personal style and wanted her to style them too and gradually she discovered fashion was something she really loved and when she wanted to start a business, fashion came to her naturally.

That was how the Beunique fashion brand was born. It was growing in leaps and bounds until social media blew it out of proportion and became a big business and a brand that today parades a robust clientele of high-profile fashionistas.

“The social media was the springboard that actually launched my brand into relevance. Instagram especially, as more people are moved by what they see online. My brand started as an online store for its first year and till date 70% of our sales are done online,” she said.

“Our growth rate to me is something I am forever grateful for. As a young girl from a really small city that came to this huge city of Lagos with nothing but dreams and determination, I’ll say I’m proud to have achieved all I have as it’s not been easy at all. From a small room in Jakande with less than one thousand followers to a massive store in Oniru Estate in less than four years,” she added.

And what is most unique about the Beunique brand is the beautiful, sassy and stunningly attractive CEO, Nseobong Akpan who invests all her positive vibes and energy into promoting the brand on Instagram as the sole influencer and model.

The Instagram page @berunique_b is dotted with pictures of the CEO in different stylish attires, making different artistic statements in the most exquisite ways. Little wonder the page has close to 200 thousand followers, many of whom are following to catch up on the next item on the fashion menu of the CEO.

Apart from running Beunique full time, Nseobong Akpan is an entrepreneur and also a brand influencer with her brand as her major focus.

She also consults for brands, mostly people who run clothing businesses that need guidance on trends and all. She does private styling too and consult for individuals and companies that are fashion inclined.