Moritz Herbert

YouTuber, Moritz Herbert has narrated how he leveraged on popular video streaming platform to build his professional success.

The Frankfurt base said he started out by watching a lot of videos online, which encouraged him to make his own YouTube channel.

When he was a young child, Moritz Herbert’s family used to move between countries and cities based on the work situation of his father.

In 2005, the family moved to Abu Dhabi where his father was taking a new position, while there Moritz was constantly bored as the Abu Dhabi of then wasn’t the technological haven that it is now.

Seven years later in 2012, the Moritz family returned to Frankfurt and upon returning, Herbert began watching a lot of videos online to acclimatize with his surroundings.

“During this moving time there was not much to do so I watched a lot of videos on YouTube mainly Minecraft,” Moritz offers. Watching Minecraft videos online encouraged the youngster to make his own YouTube channel and he eventually uploaded his first-ever YouTube video, a Minecraft tutorial video.

From there, he kept uploading videos of game tutorials online till 2015 when he got serious with Clash of Clans.

“My breakthrough came around 6 months later when at the start of 2016 a new mobile game Clash Royale was released,” Moritiz explains. “At this time I was very deep into mobile games and I was able to be the best player in the world for around 3 months after launch, during this time my channel blew up and grew to 430,000 subscribers at its peak in 2017.”

Not long after, Moritz dropped out of school and pursued being a gamer and YouTuber full-time, providing extensive tutorials before transitioning into trading cryptocurrency around 2017. From there, he has transitioned to being a cryptocurrency YouTuber, offering projections and analysis that have taken him around the world.

He’s keen to share his success when he can. “I have been on an amazing winning streak sharing everything I do for free on my YouTube channel,” he says. “Just in the beginning of 2021 I had my biggest trade ever and was able to reach a total profit of 2.6 million dollars in only 4 days and I livestream it all on my channel.”