Operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS)

Operatives of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on Saturday invaded the Oja Oba market in Ibadan carting away eight truckloads of rice.

According to reports, the customs officers invaded the market in the early hours of Saturday.

According to reports by sources, the customs officers went to the market and carted away eight truckloads of rice.

The invasion is coming one month after customs invaded the Bodija market and carted away some bags of rice.

Kayode Wey, the Public Relations Officer of Oyo/Osun Customs Command, confirmed the invasion.

He, however, said that the operation was carried out by Federal Operation Unit (FOU) Zone A.

“It is the FOU. They are not our people. It is the FOU that went to the Bodija market the last time.

“It is the same FOU, we do not know anything about it. We do not have any information on it. I am hearing it the same way you are hearing it.”

Public Relations Officer of NCS, FOU Zone A, Mr. Theophilus Duniya also confirmed the invasion.

Duniya on Saturday noted that the customs is empowered to carry out such operation.

“Yes. Until we examine them. You are aware that the federal government imposed a ban on the importation of foreign rice to encourage local production in the country.

“As it stands, foreign rice is contraband and the law empowers us, the act that established the service empowers officers to carry out such operations.

“To break into any shop or warehouse upon reasonable suspicion that prohibited goods are stored, we evacuate them. That is what happened.

“This is Federal Operation Unit Zone A in charge of South-West zone.”.