Workers’ Day: Novarick celebrates team productivity

Novarick Team

Novarick Team

Novarick Team
Novarick Team

The management of Novarick Homes and Properties showered praises on the entire staff as they celebrate this year’s International Workers’ Day.

This according to Novarick was to show support and encourage team building.

It was another unique opportunity to take stock of past achievements and contributions towards increased productivity.

It was fun galore as the team of young professionals took turns to recount their successes and experiences over the years, since joining the fast-growing real estate firm.

During a chat with the Chief Executive Officer, Novarick Homes, Noah Ibrahim commended his team for their patience, understanding and support, especially after the 2020 global lockdown.

He said, “though there are different challenges in our nation, I believe with effective teamwork, we will build the future of our dreams.”

One of the company’s Project Engineers, Adegbite Adedeji noted that since joining the team in March 2020, after several professional courses, he has learnt the art of multi-tasking, capacity building and managing multiple projects at the same time.

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For Akintoye Olajesu, it has been a case of total self-discovery since NYSC in 2019, having started as a content writer, only to be offered a full-time job as Client Relations Officer in one of the subsidiaries after the service year.

The Customer Relations Officer, Novarick Homes, Olanipekun Victoria said the environment creates an opportunity for growth though it comes with a lot of extra effort and determination. Since joining the team in June 2020, she has been in charge of client enquiries, information management and other relevant documentation.

Furthermore, Novarick Homes operates other subsidiaries in segments like Property Development, Property Investment, Property Procurement & Advisory, Joint Ventures and Facility Management.

The company is also working actively to achieve number 7, 9 and 11 of the 17 World Sustainable Development Goals.

Novarick Homes and Properties was established in 2018 as a real estate development firm, providing housing and investment solutions in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company also provides a superior end-to-end service in collaboration with its clients to make land acquisition, property ownership and real estate investments seamless and affordable.