Chad unveils transitional government [Full List of ministers]

Chadian Prime Minister Pahimi Padacké Albert

Chadian Prime Minister Pahimi Padacké Albert: ministers appointed

Chadian Prime Minister Pahimi Padacké Albert: ministers appointed
Chadian Prime Minister Pahimi Padacké Albert: ministers appointed

Agency Report

Chad’s military rulers on Sunday named a new transitional government that will run the country for 18 months, till another election is held.

The new cabinet announced by a decree has 40 ministers, that will work with Prime Minister Albert Pahimi Padacke.

Chad lost its long-serving president, Idriss Deby Itno on 19 April.

He died in the battlefield against some rebel group, just after winning re-election in a landslide.

However, leading opposition figures rejected the appointments as a continuation of an old order they hoped to erase.

Deby’s death last month on the frontlines in a fight against northern rebels ended his 30-year rule and sparked a crisis in the country which has long been an ally in the West’s fight against jihadists in the region.

A military council run by Deby’s son, Mahamat Idriss Deby, seized power after he died and promised to hold elections within 18 months.

Former colonial power France backed the council, but the opposition and rebels dismissed the takeover as a coup and said the military must relinquish power to a civilian-led government.

Thousands took to the streets last week in protest against the military rule. At least six died in clashes with police.

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The opposition has called for a transitional government led by a civilian president with a military vice president.

The majority of ministers in the new government held positions under Deby.

His son is president. His ally, Albert Pahimi Padacke, was named prime minister last week.

“It gives the impression of a house built starting with the roof,” opposition leader Succes Masra told Reuters.

“This will not go far as long as we do not return to the foundations desired by the people: a civilian president, a (military) vice-president.”

Deby built international partnerships by sending his well-trained troops to trouble spots across the region to fight Boko Haram and other groups with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State.

Acheikh Ibni Oumar minister of national reconciliation
Acheikh Ibni Oumar minister of national reconciliation

*Full list of ministers:

Minister of State in charge of national reconciliation and dialogue: Acheikh Ibni Oumar
Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Chadians abroad: Chérif Mahamat Zene
Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, in charge of human rights : Mahamat Ahmat Alhabo
Minister Delegate to the Presidency of the Council in charge of national defense, ex-combatants and victims of war: Daoud Yaya Brahim
Minister of Public Security and Immigration: Souleyman Abakar Adoum
Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization:Mahamat Bechir Cherif
Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation: Lydie Beassemda
Minister of Communication, government spokesperson: Abdraman Kouallamallah
Minister of Economy, Development Planning and International Cooperation: Issa Doubragne
Minister of Infrastructure and Access : Patalet Geo
Minister of Agricultural Development: Kamoungué Nee Dene-Assoum
Minister of Finance and Budget: Tahir Hamid Nguilin
Minister of Health and National Solidarity: Dr. Abdoulaye Saber Fadoul
Minister of Mines and of Geology:Abdelkerim Mahamat Abdelkerim

Minister of Posts and Digital Economy: Idriss Saleh Bachar
Minister of Petroleum and Energy: Oumar Torbo
Minister of Transport and Road Safety: Fatimé Goukouni Weddeye
Minister of National Education and Civic Promotion : Kosmadji Thank you
Minister of Vocational Training and Trades: Isabelle Housna Kassire
Minister of Public Service, Employment and Social Dialogue: Brah Mahamat
Minister of Trade and Industry: Ali Djadda Kampard
Minister of Hydraulics Urban and Rural: Alio Abdoulaye Ibrahim
Minister of Youth, Sports and Entrepreneurship Promotion: Routouang Mohamed Ndonga Christian
Minister of Civil Aviation and National Meteorology: Haliki Choua Mahamat
Minister of Livestock and Animal Productions: Abderahim Awat Ateib
Minister of Environment, Fisheries and Sustainable Development: Mahamat Lazina
Minister of Tourism Development and Handicrafts: Fayçal Ramat Issa
Minister of Culture and Promotion of Diversity: Achta Djibrine Sy
Minister of Women and the Family and Early Childhood Protection: Amina Priscille Longoh
Minister Secretary General of the Government responsible for the promotion of bilingualism in the administration and relations with the National Transitional Council: Mahamat Hamid Koua
Secretary of State for National Reconciliation and Dialogue: Djimadjibaye Kantangar Aimé
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs , African Integration and Chadians Abroad: Oumar Ibni Daoud
Secretary of State for the Economy, Development Planning and International Cooperation: Dr. Abderahim Younous Ali
Secretary of State for Finance and Budget: Mrs. Ndolonodji Alix Naïmbaye
Secretary of State for Education. higher education, scientific research andMamadou Gana Boukar
Secretary of State for National Education: Saleh Bourma
Secretary of State for Public Health and National Solidarity: Dr. Djiddi Ali Sougoudi
Secretary of State for Youth, Sports and Promotion of ‘Entrepreneurship: Mbaigolmem Sebastien
Deputy Secretary General of the Government: Mrs. Rachelle Oualmi Bairra