Boko Haram, ISWAP get sophisticated, evade satellite monitoring

Boko Haram with a Nigerian Army tank stolen on Sunday

Boko Haram with a stolen Nigerian Army tank

Boko Haram with a stolen Nigerian Army tank
Boko Haram with a stolen Nigerian Army tank

By Abankula

Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists on the prowl in Nigeria are several steps ahead of government security agencies and surveillance systems.

In a shocking revelation, Halilu Shaba, the Director-General of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) set the terrorists have become sophisticated in their operations.

He said waves received by the agency from remote areas show the bandits no longer use Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) phones, but walkie-talkie.

Shaba said NASRDA is at present ill-equipped to monitor the bandits because of inadequate satellite and other facilities..

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He spoke on Wednesday in an interview with journalists in Abuja after an interactive meeting with staff of the agency.

“The Satellite is not static where the insurgency is taking place. That is why one satellite is not adequate. What Nigeria has are some two satellites doing two different things.

“We have a High-Resolution imaging satellite and Medium Resolution imaging satellite.

“The activities of the bandits could be when the satellite was away from Nigerian borders, so that is why we are advocating for more satellites for Nigeria,” he said.

Shaba, therefore, called for collaboration between the agency and security agencies in the country in the area of information sharing, especially when planning to launch attacks on the criminal elements.

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