Close to 4000 people killed by COVID-19 in India on Wednesday

Close to 4000 people killed by COVID-19 in India on Wednesday

By Abankula

India set new COVID-19 grim records on Thursday with daily cases reaching 412,618 and death toll just shy of making 4,000.

According to figures published by the death toll recorded nationally on Wednesday was 3,982.

This new deaths have escalated the cumulative toll to 230,151.

The caseload since last year has also jumped to 21,070,852.

On May 1, India had recorded what was then the highest daily count of 401,993.

It has now broken its own record.

Records for Tuesday, which were released on Wednesday showed that deaths rose to what was then deemed a record 3,780.

Health ministry data showed that daily infections rose by 382,315.

India had recorded in excess of 300,000 daily cases for the past two weeks.

Medical experts say India’s actual figures could be five to 10 times the official tallies.

The country has added 10 million cases in just over four months, after taking more than 10 months to reach its first 10 million.

The opposition has urged a nationwide lockdown, but the government is reluctant to impose one for fear of the economic fallout, although several states have adopted social curbs.

In the latest move the eastern state of West Bengal, where voters dealt Modi’s party a defeat in an election last week, suspended local train services.

It also limited working hours for banks and jewellery shops, among its steps to limit infections.

The central bank asked banks on Wednesday to allow more time for some borrowers to repay loans, as the crisis threatens a nascent economic revival.