Feminist Coalition releases audit of donors for #EndSARS protest

Feminist Coalition releases audit of donors for #EndSARS protest

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Feminist Coalition (FEMCO), a group championing equality for women in Nigeria and one of the main financiers of the #EndSARS protest has published the audit of donations received during the protest last October.

The complete audit was carried out by SIAO, for a period of six months which ended on 31 March 2021.

The group had promised to share the audit of funds received after it was called out for shoddy Bitcoin transactions back in March.

FEMCO, however, sent the document to donors only.

Donors to the October 2020 peaceful #EndSars protests have been emailed a copy of the completed audit.

“Thank you again to all who donated, the group said in a tweet.
FEMCO’s action sparked outrage on social media.

Many believe the audit should be a public document especially after allegations Bitcoin donations the group received were mismanaged.

Similarly, Nigerians on social media are beginning to call out individuals and organizations that crowdfunded during the protest to be held accountable for donations they received.