Litty Kavinci

Litty Kavinci

By Taiwo Okanlawon

When Litty Kavinci makes his music, what he aims for more than anything is to bring a different feel to his music.

Hailing from Youngstown Ohio, the rapper has been making waves in the local music industry for a while. Songs like “Literally” featuring CJack & “Kapers” have demonstrated that the 22-year-old is a burgeoning star in the making as well as a musical risk-taker.

The sense of musical risk that powers his music has positioned Litty at the vanguard of a new crop of artists who are changing the scope of Ohio music. A fierce work ethic has also seen the rapper rise from street corner freestyles to his current level of critical acclaim and aiming to take things forward, he has a project set to come out.

His last project was the totemic Litty Infinities, a microscopic look at the influences that drive him and his choices.

While the album didn’t get the attention that was envisioned for it, the rapper is not deterred; another project succinctly titled Vibes is in the works and it’s a hyper-charged version of anything Litty has ever done.

The project will house 11 tracks and one bonus track that will effectively show where Litty is at present and where he hopes to get to in the future.