Nigerian Army recalls its students

Nigerian Army recalls its students from universities, polytechnics

By Abankula

A leaked memo by the Nigerian Army Headquarters, Department of Army Training, Abuja has asked a large number of its personnel studying in universities and polytechnics to return to tackle the raging insurgency in the North East.

In the 11 May memo published by Punch, the Nigerian Army also suspended the sponsorship of personnel in civil institutions with the exemption of students in the final year.

The army has continued to suffer heavy casualties in its counter-insurgency operations, despite the army neutralising scores of Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists also killed by gallant Nigerian troops.

In April, more than 30 soldiers were killed when ISWAP fighters ambushed a military convoy escorting weapons and overran a base in Mainok, Borno State.

The army has also been stretched into other theatres of conflict, such as the North west, north central and south east, suffering the loss of personnel.

The army has not responded yet to the leaked memo.