Clubhouse app

By Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Popular voice social media platform, Clubhouse said its Android app would expand into Nigeria and some other countries on Friday.

Clubhouse made the announcement on Twitter on Sunday and also released the schedule for its Android rollout in other countries.

It said it would rollout its Android app in Japan, Brazil, and Russia on Tuesday and Nigeria and India three days later.

The tweet read, “Android rollout continues! Japan, Brazil & Russia coming Tuesday. Nigeria & India on Friday AM. Rest of world throughout the week, and available worldwide by Friday afternoon.”

Clubhouse after its initial launch last year was only enabled for iPhone users.

However, the Android app of Clubhouse does not have certain features present in the iPhone  app.

Some of the missing features include the ability to follow a topic,  create or manage a club, link social profiles, make payments, or change profile name of username.

The firm, however, said it is working to bring iOS features to its Android app also.