MOLPED launches Pantyliners for everyday protection

MOLPED launches Pantyliners for everyday protection

Award-winning makers of MOLFIX baby diapers, Hayat Kimya Nigeria has added the Molped Pantyliner to its Feminine Hygiene care line.

This is coming after the successful launch of the Molped Sanitary Pad two years ago.

The Molped Pantyliner is a daily care product with unique softness and PH balance to give ladies comfort and daily freshness for their Everyday Protection.

The pantyliner is a thin absorbent pad for daily use and it serves to protect the underwear, absorb discharge for daily hygiene and to keep dry and fresh.

“At Hayat Kimya, we always aim to be solution providers and that’s why after hearing from our Mo Girls we created a wide range of Molped Pantyliners. We took into consideration all the feedback we received and created First & Last Days, Intense Protection, Everyday Freshness and the Pure and Soft pantyliners variants. There is one for everyone.” – Roseline Abaraonye, Marketing Manager, Hayat Kimya Nigeria.

The pantyliners come in different varieties: The MOLPED INTENSE PROTECTION PANTYLINER is for those days when you need an extra layer of protection. It brings extra dryness, cottony softness, it is breathable and its PH balance is a welcomed bonus.

While MOLPED EVERYDAY FRESHNESS is PH balanced and breathable, it is also designed to fit the female anatomy perfectly.

With MOLPED PURE AND SOFT, you are guaranteed a skin-friendly liner made with natural cotton extract.

What’s more? İt contains no dye, nylon, chlorine or paraben, it is PH balanced and breathable for those with sensitive skin.

Finally, MOLPED FIRST & LAST DAYS brings comfortable protection. It is 35% longer for maximum absorption, it is PH balanced and breathable and has a back sheet which prevents leakage which makes it perfectly suited for the beginning and the end of your period.

Molped Pantyliners are available in scented, non-scented, small and big packs, and can be purchased in any supermarket near you. For more information follow @Molpednigeria.

MOLPED launches Pantyliners for everyday protection