Why men also need cosmetics – Skin Therapist, Mimi Whyte-Femi


Mimi Whyte-Femi

Mimi Whyte-Femi
Mimi Whyte-Femi

Seasoned skin therapist and aesthetician, Mimi Whyte-Femi, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa has made a case for men who use cosmetics, asserting that it is also important for men to use cosmetics just as the women do.

As we know, makeup companies have been trying to sell to men for decades. But the big challenge, as every marketer in the beauty industry knows, is getting men to believe cosmetics can be manly. Some brands, especially on the international scene try to do this by opting for more manlier names – rebranding Mascara to Manscara, Eyeliner to Guyliner, foundation to tinted moisturizer.

Others argue that cosmetics gives men “masculine benefits” by accentuating a more pronounced jaw line, by attracting women, or fixing so-called “skin problems”. This is a line being towed by one of Nigeria’s leading skincare specialists and marketer, and the brain behind Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa

According to her in a recent interview, “Of course, men too need to take care of their skin. So they can also fight signs of aging and enjoy healthy skin. Everyone needs good skincare. There’s no exception.

“The world of skincare is advancing and there are loads of more enhanced treatments coming up, we just have to sit back and enjoy the wonders. Cosmetics improves the features of the face and skin, therefore improving the image of that person.

“This can change lives because in the real world, image matters. A man wants to have a good image and confidence that radiates confidence and a skin that glows. Hence, a man should use cosmetics like a woman,” she said.

Speaking further, she reeled out some tips men may adopt in keeping their skin healthy and glowing.

“It depends on what a man wants to achieve with a beauty product. I will recommend they always use very nourishing, hydrating and corrective skin care products and also try to visit a spa for regular massage and body exfoliating services,” she said.

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Whyte-Femi established Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa primarily to make both men and women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. What has followed is a string of amazing products, which has given her customers a feeling of confidence in their skin.

“Our major achievements will be the joy on our clients faces from their wonderful reviews and transformations after using our products or coming in for our treatment services. Some people have tried a lot of other products that didn’t work and after they use ours they experience amazing results.

“So that’s the joy for me. I started this business due to the fact that I once battled acne issues for a long time and my parents bought different products and tried everything in the books for me that didn’t work and on my own I sourced, made research and then was able to produce a product that cleared my face.

“So I understand the frustration that comes with it . Also another major achievement will be the creation of many other products as the years go by and also now having 2 branches in Abuja and Lagos.” she stated.

Whyte Femi founded Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa in 2012 . She is an internationally certified skin therapist and Aesthetician who deploys best practices and technology to deliver top notch services.

Skin Therapy Beauty and Spa is an aesthetic spa that provides both skin care products and several treatment services for all skin types to help treat all skin problems.

Whyte-Femi operates her business from upscale locations in Lekki, Lagos and Wuse 2 in Abuja. Her business extends beyond the shores of Nigeria as a result of a strong social media presence. Her Instagram page @skintherapybeautyandspa is replete with testimonials on the efficacy of her treatment and services.

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