Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo

By Taiwo Okanlawon

Popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has vowed not to back down until justice is served in the rape case leveled against another actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, popularly known as Baba Ijesha.

The actress stated this while reacting to the news that Baba Ijesha has been granted bail.

The comedian has been in police custody for more than two weeks over an allegation of molesting a minor, who is a foster daughter of her colleague in the entertainment industry, the comedienne, Princess.

His health has deteriorated in detention as he has not yet been arraigned in court over the alleged defilement.

His lawyer, Adesina Ogunlana confirmed on Monday that the Yoruba actor has been released by the police on bail.

Ogunlana stated that the actor was granted bail on health grounds.

Ojo, who has been at the frontline of the case, demanded justice for the minor accompanied by the comedienne, had staged a protest at a police station after they caught wind that the alleged child molester would be released.

However, the actress in an Instagram video noted that she is glad the matter went through the appropriate procedure.

She revealed that her agitation was bordered on the fact that she learnt the matter would have been swept under the carpet because the person involved is a celebrity.

“There are some people that have been asking questions. Initially, when we went to Panti to see the Police and also lend our voice, it was because they wanted to release Baba Ijesha and sweep the matter under the carpet, and we asked questions; Who is giving the order? What are his bail conditions? Who is standing in for him?

“We got no reply, and when we went there, they told us that he was still there and they were not releasing him. So, we had to make sure that even if they were going to release him, they should release him properly.

“He needs to be accountable for what he has done to that girl. Not that they will release him and sweep the case under the carpet, then we will start looking for him and nobody will be able to vouch for him.

“Now that they have given all the conditions for his bail, it is still very understandable. The fact is that someone is standing in for him, and at the end of the day, when the court sits, the matter goes to court. The most important thing is that they are doing it the right way.

“Unlike before when they wanted to sweep the matter under the carpet because he is a celebrity and some people have sympathy for him. I do not believe in sentiments when it comes to children.

“I am not backing down, that matter is going to court… it is already there. Anyone coming to my page to say some things, I am not moved by it. What we wanted is what has happened. That matter must not be swept under the carpet. It is already going through the normal process.

“If you come to my page and say rubbish, you are talking to yourself because I will block you,” she said.

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