Adeshina Ogunlana says he is Baba Ijesha Lawyer

Adeshina Ogunlana says he is Baba Ijesha Lawyer

Adeshina Ogunlana, the former Chairman of Ikeja Branch of Nigerian Bar Association has called report he does not represent Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James popularly known as Baba Ijesha, a ruse.

He said this in response to reports that Baba Ijesha had through his lawyer, Kayode Olabisan, released a disclaimer on Saturday stating that he never briefed Ogunlana to be his legal representative.

Responding to this, Ogunlana in a six-minute video he uploaded on his Facebook page on Sunday said “funny characters” were behind the disclaimer, adding that they were fighting back after a magistrate granted Baba Ijesha bail.

“Take my laughter as my initial response to the news that James Olanrewaju issued a press statement that I am not his lawyer. These people don’t know me. God assisted us to grant him bail through the magistrate,” he said.

“Baba Ijesha can say that you are a thunderbolt. You are too much for me. But he can never disown me. He didn’t, he will not. He can never say that he does know, brief me.

“I am telling you very confidently that all what you are seeing is a ruse. It is a shenanigan. It is all selfish interest both in the police that are trying to fight back.

“I take this as rumour peddled by funny characters. Nobody should panic and worry. Dismiss it. It cannot happen that Baba Ijesha will deny me.”

Baba Ijesha has been in Police custody since April for alleged sexual assault and defilement of a 14-year-old.

He was, however, granted bail on Monday by a Magistrate on health grounds according to Ogunlana.