Rita Ebigbagha

Men using cosmetics is a practice not so much lauded in the African setting. While women can easily get away with it, it is almost a taboo for men.

This is because the society has a false perception of skincare products and sees it as something that ‘bleaches’ the natural melanin and therefore frowns at it, partially for women and completely for men.

But a skincare therapist and specialist, Rita Chika Ebigbagha who runs one of the premium brands in the beauty industry in Nigeria known as Rixari Skin Secrets says the perception is out of place and wrong.

“A man using cosmetics actually depends on the condition and what the client wants to achieve, most skin conditions are the same for both men and women therefore the same attention must be given to both. For instance, a man that has severe sunburn should have the same treatment as a woman that has the same. A man that is exposed to the same harsh weather condition must also use the same preventive cosmetics as well as a woman in the same environment.

“As an esthetician, mesotherapist, laser technician and a formulator, the recommendation of products and services is based on skin types, texture and condition and that is my priority. There are several methods in achieving the same purpose. For instance, a laser application can increase collagen as well as the use of cream. I use the best method that suits the condition, age, severity and affordability of my services,” she added.

On the question of prolonged use of cosmetics having adverse effects in old age, she averred, “Bad cosmetics and inappropriate application of cosmetics can cause problems at old age. However, appropriate application of good cosmetics can be used at old age. In fact it enhances the skin by the increase of collagen and reduces or eliminates wrinkles and fine lines.”

However, she advises men to keep it simple and to avoid or protect themselves from the sun and harsh environmental conditions.

“Get recommendation before application of any skincare products, follow given instructions,” she advises.

She also gave an insight to the challenges common to the skincare industry.

“Operating a skincare business comes with several challenges, one of which is importation of equipment and other essential raw materials, then the issue of fraudsters cloning one’s business and scamming prospective buyers, the erroneous conception that skincare is all about lightening of the skin alone, etc are major challenges. Nevertheless, the smile the business puts on people faces when their skin issues are resolved is really fulfilling,” she said.,

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