Community leader cautions students against indecency


FILE PHOTO: Indecent dressing

Indecent dressing
FILE PHOTO: Indecent dressing

A community leader in Otun-Ekiti, Moba Local Government Area of Ekiti, Chief Babatunde Bamidele, has warned students against promoting indecent acts in the course of their academic pursuit.

Bamidele gave the warning during a stakeholders’ security meeting in Otun-Ekiti on Saturday.

He said that indecent acts and other forms of immoral behaviour are now common among some students in the name of fashion.

Bamidele, the Akeweje of Otun-Ekiti, said students in whatever segment are regarded as leaders of tomorrow and should strive to be responsible citizens.

He said the act of indecent dressing is becoming rampant among female students, saying the trend accounts for the high number of rape and assault cases in the country.

Bamidele urged students union leaders in various institutions to embark on programmes and initiatives that will promote discipline and good morals among their followers.

The community leader also called on religious leaders to use their sermons and preachings in shaping the lives of the youths for them to be useful to themselves and the larger society.

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“I think these indecent acts and immorality should totally be condemned and checked through your preachings and sermons.

“More importantly, we need to be more practical about it in order to instill discipline in the younger ones before God our creator.

“Indecent dressings and behaviour project Nigeria’s culture in a very bad light to the world,” he said.

Bamidele urged parents and teachers to be alive to their responsibility by striving to instill discipline and good moral upbringing in their children and students.

“Both parents and teachers are duty-bound to ensure close monitoring of their children and students, especially as regards their mode of dressing, activities and engagement on social media space.

“This is the best way to guide them from going astray and redirecting them towards the path of greatness and productiveness,” he said.

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