Anyone with AK 47, bandits to be shot at sight in Zamfara

Anyone with AK 47, bandits to be shot on sight in Zamfara

Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara has ordered security agents to carry out a presidential order, by shooting bandits and AK-47 toting persons on sight.

In a statement, also tweeted by the governor on Wednesday, he said
Zamfara State Police and other government security agencies are to effectively implement the Presidential order.

Bandits or persons or group of people seen with Ak-47 or any weapons must now be shot on sight.

“Only those approved by law or the security agencies are to carry guns and other sophisticated weapons, anyone found in unlawful possession of guns should be shot on the spot.

“Our administration will always support the police and other security agencies with all the necessary logistics so as to discharge their duties effectively”, he said.

Outside of Borno state, Zamfara has been the most roiled state by banditry and terrorism.