6 GOtv shows to get you through the weekend


Where Men Rule

Where Men Rule

This weekend feels like a ‘snuggle on the couch weekend’ due to the rainy weather and we are sure you are getting those vibes too.

GOtv has the finest selection of kiddies, telenovelas, sports and general entertainment programmes to make your quality time at home with friends and family a memorable one.

With a variety of shows and programmes to choose from, it can be difficult to find the ones that you just have to see. So, we helped! Here are 6 programmes to get you through the weekend;

  1. Law of the Heart: Lovers of Telemundo can also enjoy the court drama that follows the lives of lawyers as they navigate their personal lives and tackle cases on marital issues such as divorce, foster parenting, separation and so on. Law of the Heart airs Friday, 4th June at 8 pm on Telemundo (GOtv channel 14).

  1. Euro 2020 Friendly: Football fans can sit back, relax and watch the Euro 2020 friendly this weekend starting with Spain vs Portugal on Friday, 4th June at 6:20 pm on SuperSport EURO2020 (GOtv channel 32), Russia vs Bulgaria on Saturday, 5th June at 4:50 pm on SuperSport Football (GOtv Channel 31) and later that same day Wales vs Albania at 4:50 pm on SuperSport EURO2020 (GOtv channel 32).


  1. Where Men Rule: This movie tells a tale of a woman who renounces her femininity to preserve her paternal lineage. Catch it on Saturday, 5th June at 6:30 pm on ROK 2 (channel 17).


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  1. The Murder Tapes: The murder tapes chronicle homicide investigations using raw and unfiltered footage, including body-cam, surveillance and interrogation-room footage. Catch the fourth season of the show on Saturday, 5th June at 7 pm on Investigation Discovery (channel 52).


  1. The Fungies!: Kids are in for a swell time with this animated series. The next episode sees Seth agreeing to allow an athletic snake to replace his arm so he can finally be good at volleyball but she later learns he doesn’t need a fancy snake arm to make his teammates happy. The series will air Saturday, 5th June at 7:55 pm on Cartoon Network (channel 67).


  1. Australia: If you love documentaries and wildlife that open your eyes and expands your mind, watch the amazing Australia which airs on Sunday, 6th June at 5 pm on NatGeo Wild (channel 51).

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