Eghe Nimose premieres first music video from ‘RumbaDub’ album

Eghe Nimose

Eghe Nimose premieres the first music video from the recently released “RumbaDub” album which was well welcomed on various digital stores and had over two million streams in the first month of release.

“Let You Go (Remix)” is track number 3 which featured American rapper and music executive Wordplay T Jay (Terry L Johnson) and Nigerian sensational Afrobeat singer and producer SOJ Da Legend (Ochelebe Bernard Oko).

The theme of the rap/highlife song is centered on a final decision to let go off an emotional and psychological abusive relationship.

The fusion of the two genre (rap/highlife) really speaks of the music genius of the Edo born music maestro Eghe Nimose.

Although the song was previously released as a single “Let You Go” in the genre of dub /dancehall, this remix was added to the RumbaDub album after the intercontinental collaboration and was released under StarCloud Records and also Miracle World Entertainment, Bordeaux France.

Watch the video on Eghe Nimose official artist channel: