U.S. Covid-19 death toll above 600,000

U.S. Covid-19 death toll above 600,000

The U.S. has now lost over 600,000 people to COVID-19, about 15% of the world’s total fatalities of around 4 million.

The country reached the milestone, though cases and deaths have dropped dramatically as more Americans have become vaccinated.

As at Monday afternoon, it has recorded 34,322,696 cases and 615,000 deaths, data by worldometers.info showed.

On Sunday, only 5,285 cases and 100 deaths were logged, out of the global daily figures of 303,598 cases and 6,803 fatalities.

From January 2020 till now, the entire world reported 176,713,169 cases and 3,819,422 deaths.

Though the U.S. has given out over 300 million jabs of vaccine, it has a long way to recovery.

For one, it has 5,305,973 actives cases.

Out of the active cases, 4,526 were classified as critical, worldometers figures on Monday showed.

India and Brazil are the other two countries brutally attacked by the virus.

India is second to U.S. in terms of caseload, with 29,568,891 cases.

But Brazil has many more fatalities than India’s 375,185 deaths.

Brazil, with 17.4 million COVID-19 cases, has recorded a death toll of 487,476.

The fatalities are the second worst in the world after the U.S.