Chidera Igwe with her first novel

Chidera Igwe with her first novel

Chidera Igwe is a Grade 5 student at St Kateri Tekakwitha Catholic School in Harbour Landing, Regina, Saskatchewan in Canada.

She is 11 years old and has recently released a fictional novel, The Carnival Boy.

“My story is short and quick to read, one that students of middle and high schools will find interesting. I am happy to get through this first experience as an author thanks to support from my family, my teacher, and classmates at St. Kateri,” Chidera said in a report by

The Carnival Boy was published thanks to a Regina-based corporation, INCH Communications Inc. and is available through Amazon online stores and other distribution channels.

“Chidera pulled off a short story through her school work. When I had a chance to read it, it hit me that it was a different kind of story that could be considered beyond a simple Grade 5 essay,” says Chidera’s father, Dr. Chidi Igwe, who is a lecturer at the University of Regina and the author of Taking Back Nigeria from 419.

“I thought that she should be encouraged by finding a way for her to share her story with everyone,” Dr. Igwe said. Dr. Igwe is also a public servant, and works for the Ministry of Trade and Export Development, Government of Saskatchewan.

“The first time I received a copy, I was so excited I couldn’t believe that I pulled this off,” Chidera said. “I want to make sure that each school library within the Regina Catholic School Division that is interested in keeping copies of The Carnival Boy is able to get at least a complimentary copy.”

“I am making arrangement to deliver copies to them as soon as we receive a request,” Chidera said.

The Carnival Boy is the adventure of Melissa Edwards, who is a big lover of carnivals. While on a holiday in Florida with her family, she left her parents in their hotel and went to an abandoned building at the carnival to see what was there.

Her encounter with a young boy, Jackie, would change Melissa’s life forever and she will remain stuck at the carnival until that time when somebody else will come to save her.

“The Carnival Boy is my first story, which was inspired by my school work. I am currently working on other manuscripts,” Chidera said.

Copies of The Carnival Boy are available at Amazon.Com and For any question, Chidera can be reached by email ([email protected]) or through her website at

Chidera plans to be on the school musical band in Grade 6. In addition to her school work, right now, she is studying and learning the necessary skills to be successful in the television and movie industry through a program offered by a California-based talent company, CGTV.