Jimoh Olayinka Sunday (JIMBABA) a popular Nigerian standup Comedian, Actor, Master of Ceremony, and event consultant, in an interview with Michael Adeshina of PM News, narrated how he carved a niche for himself in the comedy industry after years of studying engineering at the University.

JIMBABA also revealed his plans for the remaining part of 2021 and what he intends to add to the creative industry.

Brief Introduction about JIMBABA:

He is a graduate of Engineering and Mass communication respectively. As a comedian, he has consistently delivered outstanding value to clients across several industries and sectors. He has worked with various multinational companies, non-profits, faith-based institutions, telecoms, educational and individuals.

JIMBABA at Rainbow FM studio

He currently hosts a daily show on radio ‘E CONCERN ME WITH JIMBABA 2pm-3:30pm Mondays through Fridays. He also co-hosts the Editions with Moyo on Rainbow FM 94.1 every morning from 8:15 am to 9 am.


How did you switch from Engineering to Mass Communication?

Initially, my dream was to become cardiology but the situation of things when I was looking for admission made me landed in Agricultural engineering (Power and Machinery), but I discovered my talent in the process.

However, when I graduated, I was already doing shows, anchoring events, etc. I have never for once sent my CV to an organization but I was deeply into radio programs and TV, in fact, I was already doing a comedy segment on television tagged LAFF N TUMBLE with JIMBOI. I also had a segment on daily guide with Moyo Oyatogun on Star FM 101.5. In the process, I fell in love with journalism and that was how I began to anchor the current affairs program under the leadership of Moyo Oyatogun, therefore I felt I should be certified and that was how I applied for postgraduate in mass communication.

You recently rebranded from JIMBOI to JIMBABA, what was that all about?

The change was aimed at telling the world that my brand is now bigger and better than what it used to be. A lot has changed in few years and it can only get better.

For many, comedy was a plan out of poverty. What informed your decision to choose a career path in comedy?

I would say comedy has been part of me right from when I was a bit young. I would say I pick this talent from my father. I got encouragement from my friends when I decided to start.

Who is/was the role model that made you choose comedy?

I remembered I used to watch the night of a thousand laughs back then when comedy was gradually becoming a huge profession. I go dye and Gbenga Adeyinka (Laughter explosion) got me inspired to join comedy.

If you have one thing to remove or add to the creative industry today, what will it be?

What I would love to add to the creative industry is respect for intellectual property, people should stop stealing jokes.

Have you ever met any top comedian when you just started. What was the experience like? did he/she respond well?

When I started I met quite a number of them but the relationship became stronger when I won AY’s Open mic comedy challenge in 2010.

The day I will never forget was when I won AY’s open mic comedy challenge. I was the only Yoruba guy among all the 10 finalists and I scaled through. the negative one was when I couldn’t win another competition which I shouldn’t have gone for, I took the second position but in all, it’s a lesson for me.

If you are approached today to be signed under a label, will you accept it?

I will gladly accept provided it’s going to add to my brand name as well.

JIMBABA putting his golden touch to an event in Lagos

How have you been able to stay away from females’ attention and propaganda?

To the glory of God, I have not found myself in any scandal.

What are your plans for the remaining part of this year?

My plan is to work on my comedy special coming towards the end of the year

Why are there not too many record labels signing comedians as it is done in developed countries?

Comedy in Nigeria is different from the way they practice abroad, the structure is not yet strong. record label here is more like a personal relationship when you have someone that will handhold you to the top.

Are you single/married?

I am married with a lovely daughter

What do u do in your free time?

I listen to music, watch the news and movies with my family.

N.B: JIMBABA can be contacted via Insagram, Twitter and Youtube.