GOtv Nigeria floats easy self-service options


GoTV self-service options

GoTV self-service options

PayTv terrestrial service provider, GOtv Nigeria has again blazed the trail in customer service, with several self-service options which hand the power of decision to the user.

The self-service options provide a convenient atmosphere for consumers to get the real value of what they pay for. They also allow customers to pay multiple bills online without any hassle of standing in queues.

The initiatives have distinguished GOtv from the competition and positioned it as a platform that understands that customer is king.

Of course, GOtv’s parent body, Multichoice, has evolved over the years, with the ways payments are made on its platform. Users now recharge the GOtv subscription without lifting a leg, literally. All they need is a mobile phone, an ATM card and their IUC number.

Traditionally, a user is required to recharge GOtv payment and reconnection at any branch of MultiChoice, but with the self-service options, users of GOtv don’t necessarily have to visit the GOtv office to recharge their subscriptions. Instead, they can manage their accounts right in the comfort of their bedrooms. This makes life so much easier.

Account Management:

The self-service platform enables customers to independently manage their GOtv account online, easily clear error codes, pay or renew subscriptions and upgrade packages. The option reduces the need to physically visit GOtv outlets or dealers. The self-service platforms are designed to enhance customer experience and allow customers quick and easy avenues of resolving complaints and enjoy uninterrupted quality entertainment with their families.

The self-service initiatives are in various options, including:

My GOtv App.

The MyGOtv app, allowed subscribers to clear error codes, check account balances, renew subscriptions, change packages, and update their details, thereby reducing the need to physically visit GOtv outlets or dealers.

 USSD Code*288#

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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, USSD is an interactive, menu-based technology communication protocol available on every GSM-enabled mobile device. It is a session-based text communication that takes only two seconds to reach the mobile phone from request to response as against the 6 minutes it takes normal text message

What this means is that by just dialling GOtv Nigeria’s USSD code of *288#, with the amount and GOTV IUC number, it takes only seconds for a user to complete subscription or renewal of his or her subscription

Alternatively, GOtv makes it convenient for users to carry out self-services through mobile banking apps or agents like Paga, Quickteller, just as they can also do so on Automated Teller Machines, ATMs, Bank Apps, in addition to MultiChoice outlets or service enablers called the Sabi Men.

There are also Toll-Free numbers from all the telecommunications operators in Nigeria. For instance, the toll-free number for the telco 9mobile is 09085330333, MTN: 08139842260, Airtel:07080630900 and Glo:08117930333

MultiChoice, however, advises customers to always take advantage of the toll-free customer care lines, particularly, as they put them in direct contact with GOtv customer care representatives via phone calls or through any of the GOtv social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

Enhanced decoder functionality

Also, not leaving anything to chance, GOtv Nigeria introduced an Enhanced Decoder Notification, EDN functionality, which keeps its customers informed and in control of their viewing experiences.

The EDN functionality is a set of icons that appear on the screen containing valuable information like how many viewing days are left before a customer’s next payment is due or the latest special offers and discounts, information on new contents, campaigns and upcoming celebrations.

The company also ensures that customers can access this information by pressing the “okay” button on their remote, followed by “messages” on the menu bar, and then use the arrow keys to scroll through the different messages. 

The functionality takes away unnecessary interruptions customers would have had while viewing programmes on their GOtv.

Why so many companies struggle even when they have laid out robust business plans is that they failed to make customer service a priority. Those who merely do, unfortunately, fail to recognise that the main difference between service today and service 10 years ago is that customers expect premium service to be built-in from the first sale. A successful, a business must integrate service into the journey at every interaction point. That is apparently what has set Multichoice apart and eventually rubbed off on GOtv which is undoubted, the most successful PayTv terrestrial service provider in Africa at the moment.

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