Eric Adams wins Democratic race for New York mayor

Eric Adams wins Democratic race for New York mayor

Agency Reports

Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president has won the Democratic nomination for New York mayoral election to pick successor to Bill de Blasio.

He posted a narrow victory in the ranked choice primary, according to a preliminary count of the final vote tally Tuesday.

Adams, with 50.5 percent of the votes edged out Kathryn Garcia, who recorded 49.5 percent, according to unofficial figures posted on the BOE’s website.

Adams scored 403,333 votes, just 8,426 votes more than Garcia’s 394,907 votes.

Adams, a former police officer declared the primary race over in a statement.

“While there are still some very small amounts of votes to be counted, the results are clear: an historic, diverse, five-borough coalition led by working-class New Yorkers has led us to victory in the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York City,” he said.

“Now we must focus on winning in November so that we can deliver on the promise of this great city for those who are struggling, who are underserved, and who are committed to a safe, fair, affordable future for all New Yorkers.”

Adams will face Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels civilian patrol, in the November election.

Democratic voters outnumber Republicans in the city by more than a 6-to-1 margin.