9 WAEC officials among 17 missing in sank cargo ship

niko-ivanka cargo vessel before it set sail at the weekend

niko-ivanka cargo vessel before it set sail at the weekend
Niko Ivanka cargo vessel that sank off Liberia
Nine officials of West African Examination Council, WAEC were among the 17 people missing after a cargo ship, Niko Ivanka sank off the coast of Liberia at the weekend.

Others listed on the manifest were a Swedish captain, a Chinese crew member.

The Liberian-registered Niko Ivanka left the capital Monrovia on Saturday for a port in the country’s south, despite being under a detention order for failing to meet basic safety requirements

Maritime Commissioner, Eugene Nagbe said the ship had been barred from setting sail.

The vessel sent out a distress signal that afternoon, notifying the coastguard that it had taken on water. By the time authorities arrived, it had already partially sunk.

Eighteen people were on the ship’s manifest, 11 of whom had been rescued during a 36-hour search, commissioner Nagbe told reporters on Monday.

But those rescued said that there were in fact about 28 people on board, leaving 17 missing.

“For now, our concern is a search and rescue mission,” Nagbe said.

“My focus is the lives of those people missing.”

The precise number of passengers remained unknown, Deputy Information Minister Jarlaywah Tonpoe told Reuters earlier.

“The vessel was not a passenger-authorised vessel and yet it had passengers on board,” Tonpoe said.

“So in the coming days, investigation will establish how many people were on board.”

It was not clear how or why the ship was able to leave harbour or whether it was carrying any cargo at the time.

The vessel’s owner, a Chinese national, was arrested on Sunday afternoon, Nagbe said.

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