Igboho: Gani Adams fires warning to Buhari govt.


Gani Adams

Gani Adams and Sunday Igboho
Gani Adams and Sunday Igboho

Gani Adams, Aareonakakanfo of Yorubaland, said President Muhammadu Buhari-led’s administration will set the nation on fire if issues of agitations are trivialized.

Adams stated this on Wednesday while reacting to the arrest of Yoruba nation agitator Sunday Igboho.

Adams said oppression of the people, corruption, injustice and bad leadership gave rise to agitators’ demand for self-determination.

He told the Federal government to look inwards instead of hunting the agitators.

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He said: “I feel bad when the news of his arrest broke out on Monday evening and I started monitoring unfolding events. But I think the FG should be fair to the young man because any attempt to trivialise issues of agitations might set this nation on fire.

“The issue of self-determination didn’t come up overnight. It was a result of the long years of injustice, nepotism, and corruption occasioned by bad leadership. So, the FG will be making a big mistake if it decides to treat agitators of the Yoruba nation as common criminals or enemies. Igboho has a right to his freedom.

“Igboho’s case is gradually exposing FG’s plan to clamp down on all agitators and that is undemocratic, and also capable of turning government to the tyranny of the majority, especially, from a government that came to power with a lot of hope and support from the people of the South-West.

“Right to self-determination is also entrenched in Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the African Charter on People’s Rights.”

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