Fashion Knot CEO reveals her bestselling pieces


Francoise Merus

Fashion Knot CEO reveals her bestselling pieces
Francoise Merus

Francoise Merus, founder of “The Fashion Knot” an online boutique and fashion blog has revealed her favourite fashion label in the context of fashionability.

According to her, The Fashion Knot was created for women with impeccable taste, for the women who like to be overdressed, and for the women who enjoy affordable luxury.

In her words: “Right now, my best selling item is the Mocha Dress. The Mocha Dress is a beautiful brown elegant satin dress that will hug every curve and it is selling fast. There’s a corset top with the dress that people seem to love!

“When shopping for pieces it is never that simple to know what will sell fast until you honestly purchase and launch the item on your website. You can have a good feeling about something and when you launch it doesn’t do that well. So I always start with a sample and then get a feel for the item.

“I’ll tease my followers by showing them the item and then waiting to see how they will react. If it’s favourable amongst my followers I will then proceed to purchase the item in bulk. From sizes extra small to XL. Eventually, I hope to expand up to size 3x.

“When shopping for pieces to add to the store there has to be some strategy in everything that is done. That would be my advice for anyone who is considering starting their online store but they aren’t sure how to pick their items to sell. Research how your friends, family, and social media react to the items, study the market to see who is selling something similar, and their price points.

“In addition, keep in tune with the seasons and when people will purchase certain items. Also, have fun with this! I am a firm believer that you should do what you love and it’ll always show in your work.”

Francoise Merus founded The Fashion Knot in 2019 as The Fashion Knot LLC. She officially launched the brand on June 18, 2021.

She lived all her life in Haiti and the United States of America. She grew up in Haiti and schooled mostly in America. The only cultures she knew were that of the people on the Caribbean Island of Haiti and the American people until fate took her on a journey that changed her life completely.

She is also the founder of, a cultural website celebrating black excellence and black love. She’s also an author who has published four books about poetry and self-help. She has held a lot of events and has done a lot in controlling the narrative about black love and black excellence.

She gives back by sharing to help bring awareness to stories of those in need, campaigns, and support groups all over the world.

Francoise is also the Social Media Manager for the Kodjoe Family Foundation where she contributes to their work in spreading awareness about spina bifida.

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