No face mask, no voting in Lagos

Sanwo-Olu votes with face mask on

Sanwo-Olu votes with face mask on

Sanwo-Olu votes with face mask on
Sanwo-Olu votes with face mask on

By Aderonke Ojediran/Lagos

Maskedless voters at the Okerube Ward B Polling Unit were sent back to get their face masks before being accredited to vote in the Local Government Council election in Lagos.

The Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC), had made the wearing of face mask a mandatory condition for voters seeking to exercise their rights to vote.

The face mask is used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Alhaji Kabiru Omotosho, a voter, who was turned back, said he was not angry over the directive.

“The officers did right by ensuring that COVID-19 protocols are adhered to.

“I was asked to go back; I don’t know how and why I forgot to bring my face mask. May be I was excited to vote.

“The officials did right by reminding us. The election is going as it should,” he said.

Mrs Idiat Ajibike, a business woman, told NAN that she didn’t plan to buy a face mask but was forced to, as there was no choice.

“If not that I just want to vote, I would have just gone back. I don’t like the fact that I must buy something against my wish.

“Walking back home is not an option because my place is far from here,” she said.

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An electoral officer, who preferred anonymity, said that there was enough publicity about the need for voters to come with their face masks.

“This is typical Nigerians’ attitude. They don’t pay attention. By now, we all should be used to using this face mask all the time.

“Imagine if there are no security agents around, some of them will insist that we must allow them to vote without it,” she said.

Malam Abdurasak Isah, who has a kiosk nearby, told NAN that business was booming with many people rushing to buy face masks.

“I will soon run out of stock. If I knew there will be high demand, I would have bought plenty, but I am glad I made sales. I have had these nose masks for months now.

“I am enjoying the patronage,” he said.

Turnout has been slow, with many Lagos residents going about their normal activities unperturbed.

One such resident, Mrs Olaseni Idowu, a food vendor, said that she cooked so that electoral officers won’t get hungry while working.

“I know that sales will be good today; a lot of people won’t cook today, so I want to take advantage of today.

“Hunger is not friendly; some of us have to cook,” she said.

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