Is Online Bingo Legal in Nigeria?


For some time now, Nigeria has been tipped by economists across the globe as a force to be reckoned with as the 21st century continues.


No shock then, that bingo is enjoying some serious growth in the west African nation. In particular, online bingo is booming in Nigeria, with gamers everywhere seemingly adoring the fun, excitement and potential for jackpots wins! Sounds exciting? Head to bingosites.net to learn more about this burgeoning, fun-filled industry!


However, Nigeria does in fact class as illegal any type of gambling that does not use skill to gain a victory. Yes, for those wondering, this includes offerings like bingo and online casino games like slots and roulette.


Yet there is hope for those looking to play bingo in Nigeria! In this article, we will take a peek at how to enjoy bingo in what is a rapidly-developing nation, from the situation right now to how to skirt some of the regulations in a risk-free manner.


So, without further ado, let’s assess the situation right now.

Nigerian gambling law today

For the most part, gambling is illegal in Nigeria. Unless it is a skill-based pursuit like poker, blackjack and certain types of sports betting, the national law renders chance-based wagering of all kinds illegal. Government sources in the country say this is necessary in order to protect people from being conned both online and in person.


However, it should also be stated that many Nigerians do continue to enjoy bingo. Casual games are enjoyed in homes and on street corners across the country, whilst online bingo sites are also enjoyed widely. Indeed, Nigerians love to play bingo as much as the next nation!

How to enjoy bingo from Nigeria

So, we have established that non-skill-based gambling is illegal in Nigeria, yet many players in the country continue to enjoy bingo and other offerings by logging into websites run from abroad.


Bingo is increasing in popularity all over Nigeria, with bingo players looking to get more and more involved in the world of mobile and online offerings.


Enjoying online sites from other nations is not actually prohibited in Nigeria as there are no laws specifically against the practice. So, as these sites lie outside of Nigerian law, players are free to enjoy them as often as they please! It is also important to state that Nigeria very rarely (if ever) blocks or prosecutes players who want to enjoy online bingo or any other type of online gaming using foreign sites.


There are more than 200 million people in Nigeria and many of them will want to enjoy online bingo at some point in life! Although for the moment it is not allowed for sites to be established within the nation itself, the fact that players are free to enjoy foreign sites is a testament to the sheer force of technology in liberating humans everywhere!


In the end, it can be concluded that online bingo in Nigeria, whilst technically not 100% legal, is just as easily enjoyed as it is anywhere on the planet. Though Nigerian law says that companies are not allowed to run bingo games from within the nation, there is no explicit law forbidding international sites from providing their wares to Nigerian looking to enjoy some online bingo fun!

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