El-Zakzaky victim of impunity by Buhari, El-Rufai: IMN speaks

El-Zakzaky and wife Zeenat

El-Zakzaky and wife Zeenah: File N4 billion suit against DSS, AGF

El-Zakzaky and wife Zeenah: detained by Buhari's govt since December 2015
El-Zakzaky and wife Zeenah

By Abankula

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria spoke on Wednesday about the Kaduna court judgment acquitting their leader Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zalzaky and his wife

Ibrahim Musa, IMN spokesman said El-Zakzaky since his arrest in December 2015, along with his wife Zeenah, has been a victim of the “impunity and mischievous plots” of the Buhari and Nasir El-Rufai administrations.

“Since both governments have again failed in court after a fair trial, we expect them to respect the judgement of this honourable court and the cause of justice to release them with immediate effect”.

Both the IMN and El-Zakzaky got a morale booster in the judgment delivered by the Kaduna State High Court presided by Justice Gideon Kurada.

Justice Kurada ruled in favour of the no-case submission by Femi Falana and other lawyers defending El-Zakzaky.

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Musa described the charge of aiding and abetting culpable homicide slammed against him and his wife as trumped up.

“With this victory in court today, the false charges filed against them have finally been punctured for good after almost five years of excruciating illegal detention.

“This judgement has not only vindicated them and all members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria, but it is certainly a victory for perseverance in the face of extreme persecution by the Nigerian government. It is a victory for truth and justice against tyranny and impunity.

“The Kaduna state government filed charges against Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife as an afterthought a year and a half after a federal high court in Abuja had ruled that their continued detention was unconstitutional, illegal and a severe breach of their fundamental rights and thereby must be set free and compensated. The government however remained in contempt until they decided to frame these spurious false charges in an attempt to perpetually keep them in their illegal custody.

“We, therefore, give praises to the Almighty for yet another successful outing, which further proves to the world that the Islamic Movement and its leader, are only victims of impunity and mischievous plots by both the Buhari-led federal government and the El-Rufai-led Kaduna state government. Since both governments have again failed in court after a fair trial, we expect them to respect the judgement of this honourable court and the course of justice to release them with immediate effect.

“We wish to use this opportunity to also say a big thank you to all people of conscience, human rights activists and organisations, journalists and all those that joined in our dogged campaign for justice for the victims of Zaria genocide for the past five years. Thank you and God bless”.

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