BBNaija: Why Beatrice, Niyi, Whitemoney, others are up for eviction, their chances


Four of the housemates for eviction

By Nehru Odeh

The eviction process has begun at the Big Brother Naija house and the  battle for supremacy has actually started in earnest.  For surviving detection and eviction, Maria and Pere, the wildcards in the Big Brother Naija House were giving exclusive rights to nominate housemates for possible eviction last night.

That first day of nomination for eviction is not just significant but signalled that the battle has just begun and there will be more drama, intrigues, forming of alliances and relationships as well as heartbreaks.

The live nomination show started after Boma had won the Head of House game, with Ebuka announcing that the wildcards – Maria and Pere – had exclusive nomination rights. So they were given the power to nominate four housemates each, with the exception of Head of house for possible eviction.

How they nominated

Maria nominated Yerins, Beatrice, Jaypaul and Whitemoney.

Pere, after having a hard time making up his mind, ended up with Beatrice and Yerins and later added Niyi and Whitemoney for possible eviction.

However, the head of house, Boma, made use of his veto power to save Jaypaul and replace him with Yousef. According to house rules, nominated housemates are not expected to campaign or solicit for votes.

Why they were nominated, their chances


The fact that Beatrice was nominated by both Boma and Pere goes a long way to show not just her standing in the house but also her fate. Of the four of those who were nominated, she has the least chance of surviving, giving the way she has comported herself so far in the house.

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Her quiet and withdrawn nature in the first week has alienated many, including her fellow housemates and her fan.  Although anything could happen if her fans rise up to the occasion to save her. Still, the question is, does she have enough fans? If anybody is going to be evicted come Sunday, Beatrice will be the one.


Yerins too was nominated by both Boma and Pere. Like Beatrice, he has a poor chance of surviving in the house . Both of them have not been very inspiring. And that could lead to their early exit.


Though Whitemoney was nominated by both Maria and Pere, he is a strong contender for the prize. Perhaps that is his sin and the reason both of them want him out. As I said in an earlier article, Whitemoney has banana peels on his way. He needs to tread cautiously.  Anyway, Whitemoney will survive come Sunday.

Niyi and Yousef

Both Niyi and Yousef are also potential winners of the prize. That is the reason the other housemates consider them as threats. I don’t see them leaving on Sunday.

However, there are no hard and fast rules, when it comes to eviction in the Big Brother Naija house. So anything could happen come Sunday. One of the beauties of the BBNaija house is its element of surprise.

And since everything depends on the amount of votes they can garner, their fans have a major role to play. Human behaviour, unlike scientific data, is very unpredictable. That indeed is why we have extraneous variables.


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