Who killed Abuja chef Emeka Eloagu? Friends, family in shock

Who killed Chef Emeka Eloagu?

Who killed Chef Emeka Eloagu?

By Abankula

Friends, colleagues of famous Abuja chef, Emeka Eloagu are still in shock over his gruesome murder on Sunday, right in his home.

“Friends and family it’s with great sadness to post the passing of my friend Chef Emeka…A great wonderful person may he RIP

“My condolences to his family and family….I’ll miss you dearly…..I’m still in shock to hear about you passing on Sunday I’m forever heartbroken 💔……rest in peace chef Emeka V-Eloagu……We’ve sheared lots of memories to live a lifetime”, wrote Trini Forbes from Philadelphia in the United States.

Okewoye Abiodun also wrote on Facebook: Rest in power Chef Emeka V-Eloagu . Gone too soon”.

“God, what’s happening in Nigeria?”, wondered Ugwu Chukwudi Richie, who also lives in Abuja.

Angela Omeiza Ochu Baiye said: “PAINED! Emeka V-Eloagu. Grieved💔💔💔
Lord help me”.

Nky Iweka also remarked: “Years ago, I was featured in the same article as he was. I went to look at his food. Brilliant and talented chef.

“I never met him. Thought we would eventually do. He was doing things that I had wanted to do years ago until I decided to perfect the basics.

“Emeka, I never met you. Yet this hurts. May your soul rest in peace. A brilliant life cut so short so soon”.

Reactions poured forth since the death of 35 year-old Emeka Eloagu became known.

He was found dead in his apartment by his wife on Sunday night, stripped, tied and strangled.

Who could have killed him.

Some reports said Emeka possibly knew those who killed him, as he let two “mysterious persons” into his house.

The police in Abuja may begin their probe from here: trying to unmask the two persons who visited Emeka on Sunday night.

As a chef, Emeka was famous with Nigerian celebrities.

He was the creative director of Helenes Food Company in the Nigerian capital. He just recently marked his 35th birthday with a cookbook, he titled ’35 Easy Recipes For You To Cook’.

He was a trained chef, having graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Paris with a Grande Diplomé in cuisine and patisserie.

His training reflected in his dishes as he was known to be versatile in mixing French and Nigerian cuisines. .

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