Afghanistan: Taliban declares ‘general amnesty’


The Taliban Tuesday declared a general amnesty for all government officials in Afghanistan and urged them to return to work.

A statement from the Taliban said: “A general amnesty has been declared for all… so you should start your routine life with full confidence.”

The declaration came two days after taking power following a lightning sweep through the country.

The development has also left for the withdrawal of Afghanistan from the Olympics.

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“Regrettably NPC Afghanistan will no longer participate in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” an International Paralympic Committee spokesperson said.

“Due to the serious ongoing situation in the country, all airports are closed and there is no way for them to travel to Tokyo.

“We hope the team and officials remain safe and well during this difficult time.”

“It was a dream for NPC Afghanistan to attend the Tokyo 2020 but with these unfortunate circumstances it’s close to impossible”, Chef de Mission Arian Sadiqi said on Twitter.

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