Francis Chima: How I will bring peace to Ajeromi Ifelodun

Francis Chima

Hon. Bartholomew Chima, Presenting food items to the widows at Ajeromi Ifelodun Constituency

By Kazeem Akande

Francis Bartholomew Chima has highlighted the methods he will deploy to bring lasting peace to the Ajeromi Ifelodun Federal constituency.

Chima, who intends to contest for the Ajeromi Ifelodun Federal House of Representative seat in 2023, revealed the methods at his birthday bash organized recently in Lagos.

He said it will take him just a year to turns things around positively in the Ajeromi Ifelodun area of Lagos State.

Chima said:

“Ajeromi Ifelodun Federal constituency need somebody like me, who can move closer and humble himself to listen to them, then Ajegunle will be better. 

“What they need is a listening ear, they want to talk and be heard, and once you hear you can do. Most of those things I do in time past are often not premeditated, I do it as I am being led to but I know Ajegunle will experience a new thing soonest.

“We only need peace in Ajegunle, once there is peace there is no insecurity, and what is peace? It is when you make everybody comfortable when they can afford three daily meals, once this is guaranteed there won’t be any trouble.

“There won’t be stealing but when somebody wakes up in the morning, having nowhere to go, no food on the table, such will easily take to crime and even desire death, that is the trend in Ajegunle. 

“I will however try my best to contribute my quota in ensuring security in Ajegunle. Precisely I will keep a standard that will make people understand that it is not only about security.

“Ajegunle needs more than that, they need somebody that will provide for them, be for them I know I cannot do it all but at least I will keep a standard. 

The business mogul turned politician added that he will engender a beneficial style of politicking, where those who actively get involved in the electoral process reaps the gain more as a way of checking prevalent voter apathy.

“My political style will certainly be unique. I want them to know that those who cast their votes must enjoy the dividend of democracy.

“It is the time for the youths, I am sure the candidate of the opposition party that will aspire to be a member of Ajeromi Ifelodun Federal House of Representatives like me come 2023, in terms of age comparison will be older than me if not by 20 to 30 years or more.

“But the youths will decide and it is a common saying that they are tired of suffering and they needed something new.”

“I am offering a new phase to politics in PDP even after 2023 within a year, they will see the difference.” Bartholomew Chima said.

Commenting on how best to tackle voter apathy, Chima maintains that a long-standing relationship he has with the people will make them come out en masse to perform their civic duty.

“In politics, there is no way I will go and drag them from their house to come and vote. The love they have for me will make them come out and vote.

“I started investing my money in Ajegunle in 2011 when I have not ventured into politics, I started doing great things in Ajegunle since then, now going into real politics in 2023, 12 years after I don’t need marketing, you don’t need sales promotion for an effectual drug-like ‘Alabukun’.

“My face is the face of the people, my voice will stand as people’s voice, I won’t be an echo or speaker but a voice. When I speak they would hear and follow me. I have not seen the candidate APC is going to bring that is going to bring me down in 2023. ”

He lamented the dearth of development in key areas of Ajeromi Ifelodun Federal constituency, citing the clear neglect experienced by the community.

“I advise the people not to take to crime there is nobody God cannot bless, they should just put their trust in him. Being focus and calm guarantees success not by engaging in crime, that is my counsel to Ajegunle youth going forward.

“I have a team working with my party to ensure online registration for our members as well as to make getting their PVC seamless, politics is not a one man’s job, it is a teamwork and success will be ours.”

He, however, lauded the PDP Southwest leader Governor Seyi Makinde for chatting a good course that will lead the party to victory come 2023.

Mallam  Kasimu  Ebozogie the PDP’s General Secretary Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Government, in a chat with newsmen, lauded the celebrant noting that he is a selfless, charitable and well-meaning individual.

“Chief Francis Bartholomew Chima is a  selfless man, young and vibrant person who sees service to humanity as his calling with a semblance of late MKO Abiola’s giving spirit.

“He was specially sent to put happiness on the faces of Ajegunle people. He is a bridge-builder, who is taking care of all interests and divides.”

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