Ric Hassani opens up on struggles to find true love

Ric Hassani

Nigerian pop singer Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu, popularly known as Ric Hassani has opened up on how hard it has been trying to find the right partner.

The “Thunder Fire You” crooner disclosed this in a series of tweets while talking about marriage and the downside of relying solely on discretion in relationship decisions.

“I travel the world, make and have some really interesting amounts of money, come back to this big, incredibly arranged house, But I come back to no one. I love the peace because it’s priceless,” he wrote on Twitter.

“But deep down, I pray God sends me a solid, & worthful companion. Amen. I think, for a decision as serious as finding a life partner, it is not wisest for one to rely completely on their own discretion.

“There has to be a degree of surrender to a higher power for that decision. Life partnership is a make or break, and I say it from first hand experience.

“Finding someone these days is so scary for me, considering the intense craziness I’ve been through. I have put it in God’s hands completely at this point, My discretion has failed me in the past and almost cost me everything.”

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In the first half of 2021, Hassani released ‘The Prince I Became’, a two-part sophomore album themed on love.

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