Gov. Masari: Why Nigerians must embrace unity


Governor Masari of Katsina

Katsina State governor, Bello Masari has called on Nigerians to appreciate the unity in the country.

The Katsina governor said this admonishing citizens to see the country as one bonded by God.

He said people do not chose where they are born or environment they grow up nothing that the United States of America is strong for embracing its unity.

“It’s not my choice, it is not your choice where I was born or where you were born or where you were brought up and it is not mine.

“I am not an Hausa man in Katsina by my choice. It is in the wisdom of our creator. He (God) has meaning for this.

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“It means if you bring your experience and I bring mine, we put it in a basket, we will produce better results.

“That’s why Americans are so diverse today yet they are the strongest because they brought whatever is best for the country in one basket and they are areas that are not negotiable,” Masari said.

He said this on Friday when a group in the All Progressive Congress paid him a courtesy visit at the state’s government house.

Masari also called for national sensitization and renewal of mindset of the Nigerian population to come to understand and appreciate that what affects one affects all.

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