How Sayrahwhyte is leading Meme culture on TikTok


TikTok influencer, Sayrahwhyte

It’s not always easy to allow people into the mundanities of our day-to-day life but few things take away the inhibitions of that circumstance like the no-frills climate of social media.

Peering into a phone with no physical presence around us, humans are more likely to offer a relaxed, unburdened by the glare of others. No other social media has codified that relaxed approach into its DNA like TikTok.

The platform rose to popularity last year and already enjoys a significant presence in Nigeria.

One TikTok influencer, Sayrahwhyte, has come to popularity for sharing vignettes of her life with the public, displaying quirky grace and an effortless affinity for meme culture to boot.

Like many others, the creator came to know about TikTok through Instagram at the peak of last year’s COVID-19 enforced lockdown before downloading the app and getting into a variety of activities that make the app fresh and entertaining.

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“I enjoy the fun, freedom, trends, effects, musicality, and realness on the platform,” she starts explaining. “I think the meme culture is the best of all because it makes a lot of people happy and puts smiles on sad faces, it’s so much fun.”

As fate would have it, Sayrahwhyte has grown into one of Nigeria’s most popular meme creators on the platform with a followership of over 350K people that has seen her receive over 3M likes across her videos.

Whether teasing her mother or engaging with questions from fans, Sarah has a natural cheerfulness that makes her meme relatable and inspiring.

The creator is grateful for the pedestal that TikTok has given her, saying, “The platform has made me go viral and has brought out my real personality which has been really helpful.”

She hopes to share more of her life with her fans as she grows bigger.

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