Another explosion rocks Kabul

The ruins left by ISIS bomber in Kabul on Thursday

Illustration for explosion in Kabul

Another explosion rocked Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul on Sunday, Aamaj News reported.

It happened on a day the United States and allies are winding up evacuation of Americans and Afghans at the Kabul airport.

On Thursday, twin deadly blasts killed 13 American soldiers and 97 Afghans on Thursday.

ISIS-K had claimed responsibility for the attacks on Thursday.

The latest explosion was said to have hit residential buildings in Kabul’s 11th security district.

Witnesses said two persons were killed and three injured.

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Children and women were among the victims.

A Sputnik correspondent said the residential house in Khajeh Baghra is near Kabul airport.

It was not clear whether ISIS also masterminded the latest blast.

Sputnik news, quoting Aamaj news earlier reported a video online, showing buildings in the area where the explosion has taken place.

The incident comes at a time when US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have arrived at Dover Air Force Base to meet the remains of 13 US servicemen killed in Thursday’s twin suicide bombings outside the Kabul airport.

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