How God gave me the name ‘Whitemoney’



Whitemoney, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, with real name Hazel Onou, said God gave him the name ‘Whitemoney’.

The 29-year-old businessman told Queen on Wednesday, day 39 of the show, as the duo was working in the kitchen.

In their discussion, Queen said; “The first day I came, I asked you, ‘why is your name Whitemoney?’ So what is the motivation? Why are you called Whitemoney?”

Whitemoney answered, “I didn’t give myself that name. It was given to me by God.”

In a surprise, Queen asked, “God? But you said it was from your friends.”

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“Because that’s what I wanted you to know,” Whitemoney replied.

Queen then asked again, “So how did God give you Whitemoney? You saw it in your dream?”

Whitemoney said, “I prayed for it. I woke up with it in my mouth. Believe it or not, that’s the truth. If I tell people, they may not believe me. So I just say people gave me Whitemoney.

“I prayed that I needed a name that would stand out; a name that would cause controversy.”

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