Super TV CEO vs Chidinma: Disu knocks Ataga's family

Super TV C.E.O: Chidinma Ojukwu arraigned

Chidinma Ojukwu, prime suspect in murder of Super TV CEO, Usifo Ataga

Babalola Disu, one of the persons arraigned in the alleged murder of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Super TV, Usifo Ataga, has denied the family’s allegation.

The Ataga’s family, through their lawyer Mike Ozekhome, had accused the police of stifling efforts to ensure those behind the Super TV CEO murder were brought to book.

The family, in the letter, alleged that Lagos CP was “attempting to protect the killers of Ataga,” which includes Disu.

They claimed that the Chioma Ojukwu, the prime suspect in Ataga’s murder, was arraigned in a Yaba Magistrate Court without the family being informed.

The Usifo family also decried the alleged comfortable movement of Chidinma from prison to court and from court back to the prison.

The family said Chidinma was moved in an Uber ride without handcuffs.

The family alleged that the man who had claimed to be Chidinma’s father and was charged for obstructing police investigation was her (Chidinma) “sugar daddy” and not her biological father.

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They faulted the N1million bail granted to Chidinma’s father and Babalola Disu.

The family alleged that Disu was “highly suspected to have carried out the murder”.

Ataga’s family premised its suspicion on information they received to the effect that Disu’s short rental apartment was directly opposite the apartment where Mr. Ataga was killed.

However, Disa, through a letter by his lawyers, David and Co, described the allegation as malicious and false.

He accused the Ataga family of engaging in character assassination.

The letter said: “This statement was undoubtedly made with the intention of portraying our client as an irresponsible man, a criminal, and a murderer. Our client is the only Disu who was arraigned for refusal to report the death of late Ataga.”

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