LASTMA opens up on purported plan to sack 1,000 operatives


LASTMA officers

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has opened up on purported plan to sack 1,000 operatives of the Authority.

The management rubbished the report that it planned to sack 1,000 operatives, saying the story was fabricated.

Filade Olumide, Assistant Director, Public Affairs, LASTMA, in a statement quoted LASTMA Comptroller, Bolaji Oreagba, presently the acting general manager, as refuting the story.

An unnamed online had brought out the caption: “LASTMA moves to clean its Acts…Axe Dangles on over 1000 operatives.”

Oreagba denied any contact with the publisher of the online news portal and further stated that no such news emanated from him or any of his official sources and wondered where the publisher sourced the news.

He advised the media to always confirm their news from credible sources that could be quoted and not publish news that could be discredited or considered fake.

“This could lead to genuineness, credibility and trust issues of the media with the members of the public,” he said.

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He noted that the extant laws of the Lagos State Civil Service rules and regulations still exist to deal with any misdemeanour by any LASTMA officer found wanting in the discharge of his or her duties.

While also noting that once one was offered employment by the state government, it ceased to matter, whoever or however such a person came into the service, “therefore you are henceforth guided by the civil service rules.”

Oreagba also noted that it was only the head and appointed spokespersons for the Ministries, Agencies and Parastatals that could provide credible sources of information to the media and general public.

He stressed that any officer caught divulging unconfirmed information shall surely face the music in accordance with the civil service rules.